Our special services:

Our Services for Property Owners

Our aim is to provide a tailored asset management service to meet the needs of property owners. Typically, this would involve a combination of the following:

  • Asset management strategy reviews, undertaken from the perspective of a principal rather than an agent. We are not tied to an agency and, therefore, our objectitivity is not compromised. We understand the turnround potential of underperforming assets and their risks
  • Masterplanning of (re)development improvement opportunities
  • Planning negotiations with interested parties
  • Construction project management
  • Tenant marketing (usually in conjunction with a letting agent)
  • Tenant management (negotiation of leases, renewals, variations)
  • Cash management and accounting (including service charge analysis and collection)

We focus on the value add elements of property management but work with external facilities management providers for day-to-day services.